Welcome to our virtual classroom! Have a look around and find the option that works for you. Remember learning happens every day in many ways, and our students are young. I suggest these basic goals: do something for the family (ie. chores to help the household), do something imaginative/creative, do something active, and something(s) for your brain.

-Have your child read to someone every day. If you do not have proper books in hand there will be many links to wonderful books on this site. There is a difference between picture books which are at a high level of reading and “at level” reading materials. Talk about the books as they go and follow some prompts that I have shared on this site.

-Listen to reading each day and discuss the aspects of the story and vocabulary. Ideally, this happens while they are snuggled up with a loved one, but I have included many links to stories online.

-Keep a journal, and make an entry each day. This will look different for each child in our classroom. Some are at the draw and label level while others have taken off and can produce pages and pages. Their journal can be a response to anything! Journal about your outing to the beach, a trail hike or backyard exploration. They can respond to or retell a story, movie or funny video that they have watched. It can be based on a directed draw and now they have created a story to go along with that picture. *Most of our students are not spelling perfectly (or even close) at this point. This can cause some anxiety and a lot of “how do I spell….??” My response is always to say “arm spell it…. get your lips ready…. what do you hear…?” Gentle guidance and breaking words into separate sounds out loud will help both reading and writing. For some, setting a timer works really well with less focus on perfect entries, but on thoughts and ideas. 10-15 minutes is great, and then gently go back through for some editing. At this stage, children can feel very vulnerable with this new skill.

-Practice math facts. Here you will find many links to programs that I have signed the children up for, online games and links to card or dice games. Math is all around us and 15-20 minutes a day is so beneficial. Talk about the calendar, play with money and talk about measurement while cooking or baking. Our grade one outcome is adding and subtracting within the number 20, and our grade two goal is within 100. Many benefit from using a number line, hundred chart or tens frames which could be and egg carton cut to 10 with cubes, coins or buttons for manipulatives.

I am expected to assess each child but that can mean you taking a picture of their journal entry, lego build, art project or math sheet and sending it to me. I will be able to track their progress on Lalilo, Teach Monster, SplashLearn Math and Prodigy. I signed us up for multiple sites for each skill as I want you to have choice. Each child is different and may prefer one site over another, or may like the variety in multiple options. Please don’t feel pressure to do all of them every day!

Do you have more than one child at home and find this all overwhelming? Allow your children (if it works! lol) to collaborate together on the same task or project. Their project does not have to come from me, I want you to know that it is allll good. Please, allow yourself to find the easiest path.

As we get into a rhythm of this new form of education be gentle on yourself and child. Assignments can wait with wellness first! Please reach out at any time through my email with any questions, comments, concerns or emotional support. I will be in touch with each family each week and if emailing does not work for you we can arrange a phone call. Please also know that our school counselor will be available as well as Ms. Petersen and Ms. Fitzpatrick. As situations with work or family change the district is here for you. Please know that there is food and care packages available for pick up and delivery if you need that. Simply contact myself or our school office at 250-748-9232 to arrange.